International Joint Ventures

International companies with a legal entity in the Netherlands will have an urgency to ensure that their accountancy is compliant with all legal and tax requirements.

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The Netherlands is an interesting option to locate your international joint venture, although the operating company is in a different jurisdiction. Local audit regulations in the Netherlands might trigger the requirement of an audit, or stakeholders agree that they want an audit even if there would be no specific requirements.

Auditors at Reanda Netherlands work on these issues on a daily basis. We are specialised in helping international companies, based in the Netherlands, to realise their ambitions.

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A highly specialized audit firm in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As a highly specialized audit firm in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we are licenced to perform all kinds of financial audits, regardless of industry. Our audit firm possesses all the required licences, knowledge and experience to perform an independant, thorough and reliable compulsory financial audit .

  • The value of assets exceeds 6 million euros
  • The net turnover is in excess of 12 million euros
  • The company has over 50 employees

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