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Reanda Netherlands is uniquely specialised in group audit for international companies that have their head office in the Netherlands and its origin (and activities) outside of the Netherlands.

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China Desk

Many companies from Asia have chosen the Netherlands as their preferred country of structuring their international activities. We have highly qualified auditors and consultants working on the specific demands of these clients. This also means that our auditors are working closely together with your local auditor to ensure that the group-audit will be performed in the most effective manner, and at the required quality standards.

Auditors at Reanda Netherlands work on these issues on a daily basis. We are specialised in helping Asian companies, based in the Netherlands, to realise their ambitions.

Business between China and The Netherlands

The establishment of the China Desk by Reanda Netherlands was based on the need for the provision of holistic solutions not only to Chinese enterprises with an interest in doing business in or through The Netherlands, but also to facilitate the process of European corporations wanting to do business with China based firms.

The China Desk is managed by dedicated professionals who speak fluent English and Chinese consequently breaking language barriers thereby enhancing its role in establishing effective ties between the jurisdictions.

Given the climate of doing business in The Netherlands for international companies; the rapidly expanding investment flow from China during the last few years either for use in local projects or for diverting those funds into other European Union countries; and the strengthening of bilateral, political and financial ties between China and The Netherlands, Reanda Netherlands realised the necessity in setting up the China Desk which today plays a pivotal role in offering assurance, tax consulting and specialist business advisory solutions to privately held business and transnational conglomerates located throughout Europe and China.

Why working together?​

Financial audits are highly complicated and regulations are frequently subject to change. Our specialists are continuously trained and have up to date knowledge on all areas at all times.

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