Forensic Auditing

Forensic audit at Reanda Netherlands combine audit knowledge with investigative skills which is used in various litigation support and investigative accounting settings. Our findings, in written reports and as experts, often are used in court, in disputes or in arbitrage cases.

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Our team of the forensic audit department are experienced investigators. We provide confidential personal feedback to our clients on a very regular basis.

Reanda Netherlands Forensic Audit & Investigations supports companies in situations such as:

  • Investigation of Facts
  • Forensic Technology Services
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Fraud prevention, Fraud Risk Management
  • Anti-Corruption Compliance & investigations
  • Investigation of Financial Reporting Fraud

Our support in Litigation, Arbitration & Disputes provides you with a clear and independent report which can be used as a legal document in a dispute.
Forensic auditors are supporting clients in Litigation, Arbitration & Disputes in the following situations:

  • Civil claims
  • (International) cases of arbitrage and giving evidence in court
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Calculation of damages
  • Post-deal acquisition disputes
  • Disputes on intellectual property
  • Royalty- en licence costs disputes

As an experienced and professional forensic accountant, we are also very knowledgeable on setting up fraud prevention and risk management systems. We also provide training on compliance and ethics, both for top management teams and at executional levels.

At Reanda Netherlands Forensic Audit you can be assured of the best available services. Our team of the forensic audit department consist of experienced forensic professionals. Our knowledge is not only financial, but also psychological, digital and IT, and legal.

Our consultants at Reanda Netherlands Forensic Audit work on these issues on a daily basis. We are specialised in helping international companies, based in the Netherlands, to support them in litigation, fraud cases and compliance issues.

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Financial audits are highly complicated and regulations are frequently subject to change. Our specialists are continuously trained and have up to date knowledge on all areas at all times.

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