Reanda Netherlands Back to Work event 6-8 September 2020

On 6-8 September Reanda Netherlands organized her first Back to Work event in the Apollo Hotel in IJmuiden, the Netherlands. Combining socializing with training sessions, the event was welcomed by all employees, understanding how difficult it is to work from home most of the time without social interaction.

On Sunday, the team started with ‘blowcarting’, a spectacular way to sail on the beach. Under the eyes of the experienced instructors of PBN Nova Zembla all were soon steering their carts of the extensive IJmuiden beach as they are doing this on a regular basis. In the evening, we had a tasteful BBQ at the Beach house of Nova Zembla.

On Monday we started with a session on the strategy of Reanda Netherlands by our managing partner Gerard Uijtendaal AA. Afterwards, Paul Bax RA, compliance officer at Flynth then took over to discuss the current tendency to change ISA 600 group audits towards a risk based approach, and presented a very interesting case on an international group audit.

Olga Lukashenko FCCA, Reanda Netherlands Audit director, discussed with the team the importance on communication and reporting. Mohamed Masri RA, lecturer financial reporting discussed IFRS update, especially also in relation to COVID 19. Rob Kaffka genaamd Dengler RA, engagement partner at Reanda Netherlands presented our quality strategy.

On Tuesday, Jan van der Hilst RA, Reanda Netherlands’ senior advisor, discussed the importance of continuous education and the tools and documents that Reanda has developed for that. Afterward, Tom Reukers RA (Kriton) discussed in an engagement manner the new ISA 315: Identifying and Assessing the Risks of Material Misstatement.

We finalized the two days with a session on what we have done right in these last two years, and what we can improve. This is what our team members said about Reanda Netherlands:

Done well:

  1. Fast growth and development
  2. Diversity of the team
  3. Open to each other
  4. OKB system
  5. Focus on quality
  6. Strategy very defined
  7. Right culture
  8. Communication/openness
  9. Online profile (both the employees and clients)
  10. Interesting client base
  11. Location of the office.

To improve:

  • Continuous focus on improving Quality
  • More qualified employees
  • Redurce the differences in levels between employees
  • Training on the job needs to be improved
  • Higher income
  • Keep our goals in mind more often
  • Communication and knowledge sharing between teams
  • Better goal-oriented focus (budgets/deadlines)
  • Feedback to employees
  • Setting deadlines for specific tasks
  • Office policy regarding languages

The second part of the feedback session we discussed some of the elements to be improved and came up with some actions, especially regarding improving communication between the engagement teams and within the engagement teams.

All in all, a great event and start of a new tradition within Reanda Netherlands.