Core points of focus while conducting audit engagements in regions with high fraud and corruption risks exposure


by Alex Movchan

Recently the Risk & Compliance Platform Euripe conducted another interview with Olga Lukashenko who is an Audit Director at Reanda Netherlands. The first interview that was conducted with this special woman can be found on their platform under related items, which was about planning and executing audit engagements during the Covid-19 crisis. This particular talk with Olga covers the topic of conducting audit engagements in regions with a high level of exposure to fraud and corruption. 

Hello Olga, you have great professional experience with knowledge of client specifics across Europe and Asia, but also specific business risks that your clients from different regions face. I know that you are working closely not only with clients from the Netherlands and Western Europe, but also specialised on Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Could you please share your views on major differences in risk profiles that should be considered by Chief Audit Executives creating audit programs covering operations in Western, Eastern Europe, but also Central Asia regions ? 

Read the full interview here