Reanda Netherlands Team

Reanda Netherlands Way Of Working

What is important for Reanda Netherlands

  • We have a highly selective recruitment and ‘grow your own’ people strategy.
  • We grow as fast as people could be developed, trained and assimilated within Reanda Netherlands.
  • We make decisions jointly and use consensus-building approaches.
  • We reject individual behaviour and compensate based on group performance, including our foreign entities.
  • We selectively choice or services, clients and markets: we are specialists in group audits for international companies, located in global financial centres.
  • We invest highly in research and development.
  • We excel in intrafirm and stakeholder’s communication.
  • We find it important to meet each other regularly, formally and informally.

What do we expect from Reanda Netherlands?

Unconditional and pro-active commitment towards our clients (and they always come first)

  • Issues and mistakes: we solve them together and immediately, we do not make them bigger, we do not hide them or trying to deal with them later on.
  • In the cooperation with others, inside and outside of our organisation, we are correct, supportive, we communicate carefully and listen to others.
  • Employees are able to recognise work and get it done, but are also not afraid to ask.
  • By means of feedback and coaching to each other we learn.
  • We find a balance between work, study and other things that makes life interesting.
  • Besides technical skills and communication skills, leadership and commercial capabilities are determining for a career within Scope.
  • Progress in study and life-long learning is important and we expect that employees will set the right priorities in these.

How do we proof this?

  • Flexible work: within Reanda Netherlands we have, for almost all positions, the ability to work flexible. In continuous communication with your manager and other employees certain tasks can be finished independent from time or place. Workers of Renda Netherlands have the ability to adjust their work performance, to a certain extent, to private wishes. Of course: in this the client and the business is always a priority.
  • Pension: we do not have a pension scheme. Our remuneration is higher than average in the market. Employees can use this ‘surplus’ to organize themselves a pension or other financial planning instruments. Or to buy time-outs.
  • Leave: there is a possibility to take unpaid leave, for example for a sabbatical, next of kin care, extended parental leave, etc. Always in agreement with your manager and employees.
  • Commute: we use as much as possible public transport to travel to office and clients. Reanda Netherlands will reimburse these costs. When public transport is not an option, we will search for sustainable alternatives.
  • Life-long education: Both for Reanda Netherlands and for employees it is important to invest in personal development and in craftsmanship. Reanda Netherlands reimburses education that is needed for a good fulfilment for our profession and we provide employees with the time to do so. Reanda’s goal is to have an open and continuous dialogue with our employees by using short-cyclic coaching in which experience and development of the employees is central. Furthermore, we use a personal career development plan, of which the employees is the writer, director and owner, and used for performance review.
  • Based on your level within Reanda Netherlands, we provide you with our personal development training for young professionals, management development for mid-level and leadership & strategy for director & partner level.
  • Performance review and rewards (including profit sharing): depending on individual performance (50% performance, 50% development) and collective performance of Reanda Netherlands, measured by client ratings and financial targets.
  • Communication: employees will get a mobile phone for business communication, including email. Everyone has a laptop and has always access to all programs and files that we need in our work.
  • Diversity: Reanda Netherlands believes that a diverse group of employees leads to better results. This is shown in our recruitment and promotion process and in rewards, where we do not make any distinction between sexes, believe, preferences or otherwise.

Assistant-Auditor Amsterdam Office

Working at Reanda Netherlands Amsterdam: assistant auditors without borders

Reanda Netherlands is a young audit organisation with one specialism: international group audits. Our clients are international companies that have a global expansion strategy. With our offices in Amsterdam and Moscow, and fast expansion into other global financial centres, Reanda Netherlands has the ambition to become a realistic alternative for international companies in supporting and auditing their global expansion.
Based in Amsterdam South Axis we are located closed to our clients and their advisors.
We work in an international environment, where our employees, from different cultures, are working closely together. Where English is our corporate language. And where our clients are from all over the world.
We are specialist and we expect that our assistant auditors will also develop as specialist. Only in this way you can really add value to your client.
Working in an international business environment is often demanding, with lots of travels and not always home for dinner. Our clients are expecting the highest level of commitment from us.

We understand how important it is to work together with our clients, in their premises, to achieve the best audit quality. Even if this is far away from home.
Assistant auditors working at Reanda Netherlands understand that technical skills are as important as careful communication and bridging different cultures. Employees understand the complexity of our clients’ business and do have the capabilities that match this level of complexity.
As a young audit organisation, we appeal to our employees to contribute to our growth. This gives challenges and opportunities for ambitious assistant auditors without borders.
We find it important that our employees continue to develop. We have a coaching style leadership and you will receive lots of support and direct feedback.
As a fast-growing audit organisation we are looking for assistant-auditors without borders. Are you ambitious, do you aspire to work in an international setting, do you have excellent communication skills, do you like to work in other cultures, do you speak various languages (English compulsory) and do you want to become a specialist in the area in international group audits, then we would like to hear from you.
Of course, we offer a good salary and fringe benefits, an excellent lifelong learning program and investment in personal development, management, leadership and strategy. But what we offer most: a great challenge to become an auditor without borders.
Interested: call or write Gerard Uijtendaal, partner: or +31 6 39 77 11 39.

Assistant-auditor Moscow office

For our Moscow office we are looking for an audit assistant:

    • Russian native, English very good
    • Recently graduated (preferably finance, economic, audit)
    • Ambition to grow in international audit work
    • Willingness to start with ACCA qualification
    • Good analytical skills
    • Initiative, self starter, independent
    • Office support (tenders, documents, telephone, mail etc.)
    • Full time, in our office at B.Polyanka Street, Moscow

We offer:

  • Market rate salary
  • Possibility to study and make promotion
  • To grow with our ambitions
  • Working in an international environment.

For more information see our website: and Your applications to: and