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Audit Firm in The Netherlands

Audit Firm in The Netherlands
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”Reanda Netherlands specializes in statutory audits that will provide stakeholders with as much assurance as possible.”

In order to comply with Dutch legislation, companies can be obligated to have a statutory audit of the year-end figures performed by a licenced audit firm. A financial audit is mandatory when at least two out of the following three criteria are met (for two consecutive years):

  • The value of assets exceeds 6 million euros
  • The net turnover is in excess of 12 million euros
  • The company has over 50 employees

Reanda Netherlands is an AFM-licenced audit firm in The Netherlands, specialized statutory audits. Our financial audits will provide stakeholders with as much assurance as possible.

A highly specialized audit firm in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As a highly specialized audit firm in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we are licenced to perform all kinds of financial audits, regardless of industry. Our audit firm possesses all the required licences, knowledge and experience to perform an independent, thorough and reliable compulsory financial audit .

A good auditor can do more than just check the facts and figures in the reports. Our auditors are highly dedicated professionals, whose objective is to provide stakeholders with as much assurance as possible. Therefore, our auditors will always make sure they know all there is to know about your company and organization. Understanding and validating important figures can only be done properly with extensive knowledge of the company, its activities and the industries it operates in.

Trusted audit firm for international companies

As a renowned audit firm in The Netherlands we are familiar with statutory audits for international companies. When banks, investors, local authorities or other stakeholders require an audit, we will perform a thorough audit that offers maximum assurance. Some situations, for example a legal merger, require an auditor’s opinion, often requested by insurance companies.

We specialize in helping international companies comply to Dutch law and regulations in regard to audits. In fact, Reanda Netherlands is the only audit company in Amsterdam and The Netherlands who specializes in helping and supporting international companies who have the majority of their operations outside The Netherlands.

Even when the criteria for mandatory audits are not met, stakeholders can request or require financial audits. Whether mandatory or voluntarily, you want to trust in an experienced, reliable partner. Over the years we have made a name for ourselves and established valuable, long-term relationships. For many clients we have become their trusted audit firm in The Netherlands.

Financial audits are highly complicated and regulations are frequently subject to change. Our specialists are continuously trained and have up to date knowledge on all areas at all times. Our auditors are able to fully integrate into any type of organization. Even though we work independently, they are always able to work together with any stakeholder, while maintaining their integrity.

Extensive knowledge of all holding structures

The legal system and tax climate make The Netherlands an attractive country for international companies to establish their holding. This means, however, that any international company based or active in The Netherlands must comply to both international and national law and legislations. We have extensive knowledge of all holding structures and can make sure financial administration is in full compliance. As an expert in any type of firm we can offer much more than a yearly audit.

We understand the needs of international oriented companies and can help them grow. We act as a group auditor, but are the only audit firm in The Netherlands that offers service in areas such as risk management, compliance and much more. We speak your language, we understand your challenges and we are here to guide you through them.


Other, non-audit engagements that can be performed by an auditor are regulated as well.
Example of such services are related to:

  • Audit of condensed financial statements (NV COS 810)
  • Audit engagement of historical financial overviews (NV COS 2400)
  • Review of Interim Financial Information Performed by the Independent Auditor of the Entity (NV COS 2410)
  • Assurance reports other than the engagement to audit and performance assurance on historical financial information (NV COS 3000)
  • Investigation of future financial information (NV COS 3000), for example in business plans, financial projections and valuations;
  • Agreed upon procedures (NV COS 4400)

Are you looking for an audit firm in The Netherlands?

Are you looking for an audit firm in The Netherlands? Contact us. We are looking forward to get acquainted. We will happily answer all your questions and explain to you how Reanda Netherlands can help you with audit, assurance, advisory, accountancy and audit related services.

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