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Advisory firm in The Netherlands

Advisory firm in The Netherlands
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International companies with a legal entity or a holding in the Netherlands might require additional Advisory Services in relation to corporate finance, investigations, strategy, performance improvement, as well as for restructuring and liquidations.
These services require a committed team of advisors that have experience in working on larger, complex advisory engagements in a cross-border setting.

You can think of for instance:

Corporate Finance

Reanda Netherlands Advisory provides a broad range of transaction related services (often regulated by NV COS 5500N) which helps you with the acquisition and divestment of legal entities, for example in relation to:

  • Due diligence
  • Valuation
  • Raising finance
  • Business planning
  • Divestments and carve-outs
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Joint-ventures


Experts at Reanda Netherlands Advisory combine audit knowledge with investigative skills which is used in various litigation support and investigative accounting settings. Our findings, in written reports and as experts, often are used in court, in disputes or in arbitrage cases.

Our team of forensic accountants are experienced investigators. We provide confidential personal feedback to our clients on a very regular basis.

Reanda Netherlands Advisory supports companies in situations such as:

  • civil claims
  • (international) cases of arbitrage and giving evidence in court;
  • shareholder disputes
  • calculation of damages;
  • post-deal acquisition disputes;
  • disputes on intellectual property;
  • royalty- en licence costs disputes.


Reanda Netherlands is specialised in helping international companies, based in the Netherlands, to realise their global strategic ambitions. We understand the international business environment, cultural differences and have a great network of advisors and experts who can support our clients in their strategy.

Our focus is on international companies and we understand the complexity of doing business in multiple jurisdictions. We help you to review or design your internationalisation strategy and bring a world of experience to the board room in translation the strategic intent into operations.

Performance improvement

International companies, based in the Netherlands, need to have a focus on performance improvement on a continuous basis, especially in the finance and administrative functions. We help our clients with:

  • development of recommendations on improvement of the business processes especially in relation to the finance and administrative functions;
  • improvement of organisational structure, information exchange and document workflow for the purposes of management system improvement in the finance and administrative functions;
  • recommendations on the improvement of accounting policies and management accounting as well as management reporting standards, including internal manuals and regulations;

Furthermore, staffing is of utmost importance to contribute to the success of international companies based in the Netherlands. We support you assessing the capabilities of (future) employees and helping to create a culture of high performance that is paramount for your success of your entities in the Netherlands.

Restructuring and liquidation

Subsidiaries of international companies might need support in restructuring and liquidation. Within an international setting, and spanning multiple jurisdictions, these engagements are complex and require coordination and input from experienced advisors.

Are you looking for an advisory firm in The Netherlands?

Are you looking for an advisory firm in The Netherlands? Contact us. We are looking forward to get acquainted. We will happily answer all your questions and explain to you how Reanda Netherlands can help you with audit & assurance, advisory, accountancy and audit related services.

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